Guardianships for the Elderly (aged 60 years and over)

LGSI contracts with the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs to provide guardians (or “curators” as they are called in Louisiana law) to elderly individuals. (Kenny: please note deletion of rest of this paragraph on the website)

LGSI may also accept fee-for-service appointments, as staff time permits, to act as guardian (curator). Referrals should be made to Executive Director Greg Mullowney at

The Executive Director must approve all judgments before they are submitted to ensure that they will conform to the agency’s needs and allow it to act in the best interests of the interdict and will provide the courts with specific provisions that may be needed.

LGSI will provide an Oath and Letters of Curatorship upon acceptance of the guardianship. LGSI will not accept appointments that have not been discussed with it prior to the judgment. Please see Louisiana Revised Statutes 9:1031 et seq.

Guardianships for the Intellectually Disabled (aged 18 years and over)

The agency contracts with the Louisiana Department of Health’s Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities OCDD) and its Office of Adult & Aging Services (OAAS) to provide guardians (curators) to intellectually disabled individuals who receive services from OCDD and have been approved by those specific Offices for our services. If approved by those offices, Department of Health attorneys will pursue the Interdiction.