LGSI contracts with Louisiana’s Department of Health’s Office of Adult & Aging Services (Adult Protective Services) to provide money management services throughout the state to adults receiving Social Security and/or SSI benefits who have been approved by that Office for our services.

If the beneficiary agrees, or if the court has ordered it, LGSI will notify the Social Security Administration, apply to become the beneficiary’s Representative Payee and start receiving the monthly benefits on behalf of the beneficiary. The funds are placed in our Pooled Client Account under the individual’s name. LGSI will thereafter pay the beneficiary’s monthly housing expenses and utilities, and then arrange for funds to be provided as needed for personal expenses and spending money.

A local social work agency or case manager must be involved with these beneficiaries to ensure that funds are dispensed appropriately and according to the individual’s needs and abilities. LGSI will attempt to save some funds each month to cover future emergencies, medical needs, and holidays, etc.

For large expenditures, such as furniture, televisions, appliances, etc., LGSI requires that purchases be arranged in advance and invoices provided. LGSI will then arrange for payment to go directly to the vendor.

In many situations, LGSI can provide gift cards to major department stores that will allow the beneficiary to purchase household items, so long as there is a responsible person accompanying the beneficiary to ensure that the purchases are appropriate and that receipts will be provided to the agency for compliance with Social Security Administrations audits.

In addition, LGSI is responsible, as Representative Payee, to report changes in the beneficiary’s living situation, any employment income, and provide asset verification. The agency also receives Disability Update forms from the Social Security Administration that require information about the beneficiary’s medical appointments and hospitalizations.

Therefore, the social workers and case managers should keep ledgers of the beneficiary’s appointments and hospitalizations.

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